For people with blood cancer, a stem cell transplant is a lifesaving milestone – but it isn’t the end of the road. Patients still have to deal with long term complications. And tragically, not everyone makes it to the end.

We’re looking ahead to a future when the destination for every patient is a cure.

We’ve mapped out a plan to make this vision a reality. And over the next five years, we want the Government to take the following actions to ensure we reach our destination: cure.

  1. A stem cell donor for every person who needs one

    1 in 8 patients won’t get the lifesaving transplant they need.

    The Government must invest in the UK’s stem cell donor registry and the cord blood bank programme.

  2. A successful transplant for every patient

    A third of transplant patients won’t survive beyond their first year.

    The Government must provide the right infrastructure and support for medical research to improve transplant outcomes.

  3. Better post-transplant care for every patient

    By 2020 over 16,000 patients will be living with the long-term effects of a transplant; many won’t receive adequate care and support.

    The NHS must change the way it funds and organises care so that every patient can return to an active life.

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